Advertising with Pubfinity

Premium advertising in a curated portfolio of top rated games and apps built for the Windows operating system.

Pubfinity Ad SDK for Windows UWP Games and Apps

End-to-End Platform

Created by Windows developers for Windows developers, our end-to-end platform provides a plug and play SDK that allows publishers to easily add Banner, Native, and Video ad units to their apps.

Pubfinity Unified Auction for programmatic advertising in Windows games and apps

Unified Auction

Multiple buyers compete in a single auction for your ad impressions, with the highest bidder winning. A mix of brand and performance advertisers bid in real-time on every impression, delivering you the highest yield for your ad inventory.

Pubfinity Advanced Targeting solution for programmatic Ads in Windows games and apps

Enhanced User Targeting

We deliver highly targeted ads through programmatic real-time bidding even in the cookie-less Windows app environment. Targeted ads sell for over ten times the value of non-targeted ads.

Pubfinity GDPR Consent Management Platform for Windows games and apps

GDPR Compliance

We help you collect user consent and deliver targeted ads to opted-in users in Europe through our IAB Transparency & Consent Framework (TCF) compliant solution.

Advertising in Windows Apps Made Easy

We help Windows App developers generate revenue and acquire users through targeted advertising. Created by Windows developers for Windows developers, our end-to-end platform provides a plug and play Windows Advertising SDK, Unified Auction with hundreds of demand sources, enhanced user targeting, support for the most common IAB standard ad formats, and tools for GDPR compliance.

Reach a Highly Engaged Audience

Windows Apps provide a secure, fraud free environment to reach an engaged audience on desktop PCs, laptops, and tablet devices. Through a rigorous screening process, we accept only the highest rated and best performing Windows Apps into our curated portfolio. This ensures the greatest possible return on ad spend through high impact and viewable ad impressions.

Display, native, and video ad units are available through all major DSPs, in both open and private market places. Let us help you find the right property and users to meet your campaign goals.

Expand Your Business on Windows

If you are looking to expand your user base on Windows, our portfolio of the highest rated games and apps is the perfect place to acquire new users. From banner to video ads, we provide creative advice on how to most cost effectively acquire users on Windows with flexible pricing on a CPM or CPI basis to meet your needs.

A Curated Portfolio of Premium Games and Apps

Billions of monthly ad impressions available across many high quality properties on Windows PCs provides scale at a global level without sacrificing performance. Standard IAB display ad units, full screen pre-roll and interstitial video, and custom Native ad units are available across the entire portfolio.

All properties are selected through a strict screening process that evaluates end user experience, ad placement, viewability rates, as well as SDK certification, to prevent fraud and maximize advertiser performance.