Pubfinity, the only programmatic advertising platform on Windows, is focused on helping publishers monetize their PC games without detracting from the user experience. Through a rigorous publisher and traffic vetting process, as well as Moat and Pixalate monitoring, Pubfinity ensures all ads are only shown in high quality, brand safe environments.


With over 3 billion ad impressions available each month, Outbrain’s advertisers now have an easy way to reach the once elusive PC gamer at scale and globally.


Pubfinity partnered with Outbrain to help monetize its ad inventory by connecting to Outbrain’s global advertiser demand via a server-to-server API integration. This enabled Pubfinity to effectively tap into a range of fully-reviewed ads that wouldn’t impact the user experience, including formats such as:

  • Non-interruptive native ads with a seamless UI integration
  • Outstream video with user-initiated sound, which allowed Pubfinity to capitalize on growing advertiser video budgets



As a result of partnering with Outbrain, Pubfinity significantly increased RPM and CTR:

  • +15%RPM Lift (January To June 2021)
  • +21%CTR (January To June 2021)


“As a user-centric monetization platform, our mission is to provide our game developers with solid solutions to fund their apps without sacrificing the user experience. By partnering with Outbrain, we were able to connect to a range of non-invasive ad formats from a large number of quality advertisers, and are very happy with the revenue and engagement lifts delivered so far.”

– Sam Kaufmann, Pubfinity CEO


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